Intelligent Adjustable Speed 3D printing pen Stereo Painting Pen

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Multifunctional 3D printing pens are formed faster, meeting the needs of large-scale 3D production, not blocking, easy to use. Come and add some little fun to life.

During the production of the work, the consumable will not be blocked.
30 seconds fast warm-up, one-touch operation, smooth painting.
Full of technical design and electroplating design, smooth lines, more comfortable to use.
Intelligently adjust temperature according to feed material, automatically enter intelligent sleep mode when no operation, which can eliminate the safety hazards.
Using high-tech and environmentally friendly consumable, breaking through the traditional two-dimensional space, creating a 3D concept, and it can be formed in 3 seconds.

Material: ABS
Color: blue, black, white, pink, camouflage (optional)
Working voltage: 5V 2A
Rated voltage: DC 5±0.25V
Power adapter: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.35A
Adapted consumable: PLA 1.75±0.02mm/ABS 1.75±0.02mm
Printing temperature: PLA 190/ABS 215
Working conditions: 10-35/relative humidity: ≤85%
Discharge method: click / hold the button
Item size: 155 * 25 * 25mm / 6.1 * 1.0 * 1.0in
Item weight: 62g / 2.2ounce
Package size: 190 * 85 * 50mm / 7.5 * 3.3 * 2.0in
Package weight: 240g / 8.5ounce

How to use:
1. Turn on the power: when the power is turned on, the red light will be on for a long time. If there is no operation for 30 seconds, it will automatically enter the sleep state.
2. Turn on the switch: click the switch to enter the 30-second warm-up state, and the red light flashes to enter the warm-up state.
3. Standby: preheat for about 30 seconds, the pen enters the standby state, and the indicator light turns green.
4. Insert consumable: after the indicator light turns green, manually input the consumable from the inlet to the end, and then click the discharge button, the consumable will automatically inhale and the nib starts to discharge.
5. Create painting: start painting according to your own imagination. This pen is faster than the low temperature pen, and it is faster to form. It is suitable for people who have a certain basis for printing pen operation.
6. Shutdown: when the pen stops working for a period of time, it will automatically enter the sleep mode, or directly unplug the top power supply, and when the pen tip is cooled, it will be collected into the box.

Both PLA/ABS consumables can be used, and one color consumable is randomly delivered.

Package List:
1 * 3D Painting Pen
1 * 10 Meters Consumable
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual

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